A more featureful OzBargain.

OzBargain Plus enhances your experience with a modern UI and handy features. There’s less waiting and clicking to do the same things you’d normally do on OzBargain. All 100% free.


With more coming soon via free updates.

Dark Mode

Reduce eye-strain with dark mode built-in and your preferences saved between sessions.

Infinite Scroll

Avoid having to click on page numbers with Infinite Scroll. Just scroll and we'll take care of the loading for you

Quick View Posts

Instantly view posts and their comments without navigating away with QuickView. Use QuickView navigation to quickly browse through all posts side-by-side

Intuitive post and comment sorting

Sort posts by their votes or freebie status. View comments based on whether they’re first, new, top or controversial

Convenient post filters

Filter out targeted, expired and out of stock posts. Have your filters saved across sessions so you never have to view another expired post again!

Back To Top button

Scrolled too far down and don't want to waste time scrolling back up? Avoid that altogether with the built-in Back to Top button.


Enjoy a modern UI

Noone likes a clunky UI that's painful to look at.

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